Soft Light in the Studio

Photography, means painting with light.

Light is key, it will make or break your photograph.  Warm soft light illuminating a landscape at dawn or dusk.  Harsh direct light acting as a spotlight at noon.

Choosing the right time of day, the right conditions is 90% of the battle.

In the studio with modern flash equipment and modern light modifiers one can create what ever lighting effects you can imagine.

My studio work is a mix or portrait, glamour and art-nude.  For these styles of shoot, I often want soft gentle light.

I have used a variety of brollies and softboxes over the years and have always been impressed with the Elinchrom Rotalux range.

It is because of this I have purchased a medium sized Rotalux for use out on location.

With the front diffuser left off, it can be used as a brolly, giving a slightly softened effect but with a bright edge suitable for fashion and glamour.  With the front diffuser fitted it is simular to most other diffusers on the market, soft light but with a slightly hotter centre.  This particular model also has an extra inner diffuser that can be fitted to stop the hotter centre and provide an even soft light over the entire surface.

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