Sonos add Apple Music Support

Music Man

I love music, and used to play the guitar and currently play the banjo and piano.  I now have my Hifi setup in the end room which has been turned in a music/library/studio room.

I also have some decent powered speakers in my office linked to my MacPro and my iTunes library which mostly consists of ripped CD’s.  Where we listen to the most music is in the kitchen which with our love of cooking and baking we both spend a lot our time.

For my birthday last year we have had a Sonos One in here, its pricey for what it is but does perform very well and needs little else to make it work.  It came with one years free Deezer subscription which is now coming to an end, and so I was pleased to see that Apple music in beta has now arrived for the Sonos.  Once my Deezer subscription expires i’ll give the Apple music a trial and see how that goes.

The think to remember with most of these streaming systems is you need to invest in the time and energy to let the service learn about your musical tastes.  Of course once a service is setup how you like its hard to move and go through that again which is what most of them are hoping.

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