28mm verses 35mm

Leica Q Focusing

Sony RX1

Fix lens compacts are becoming more common again.  In the film days we had a wide choice of small 35mm full frame compacts, but it was Sony with its RX1 that re-introduced this format to the digital age.

Most of the short comings over the original Sony RX1 have now been overcome with the latest version and since the originals introduction we now also have the Leica Q in the game.

The Sony uses a 35mm lens and the Leica a 28mm, I have shot with both focal lengths and generally prefer the 35mm, but the 28mm is growing in popularity, driven by all those iPhone photographs that appear on Flicker and Instagram.  The iPhone with its tiny sensor is 28mm equivalent so its a field of view were are getting used to.

When I manage to get my full frame digital Leica M, I may just get a 28mm, it can force you to get closer and try more interesting compositions.

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