Sony A55 Firmware Update V2

This week I finally got round to updating the software in the Sony A55 (Don’t worry I am still a Nikon User).

Sony EVIL Hybrid SLR

Its a simple executable you run while your computer is connected to the camera via USB. There is a Windows version and a OS X version for Apple Macintosh’s.

There was one slight hiccup. The Mac version is 32 bit only and will not work if you have the 64 bit kernel. I run OS X Lion on my MacBook Pro and the software would not run.

This was easily fixed via a quick reboot while holding down the 3 & 2 keys on the keyboard. This forces the computer to restart with a 32 bit kernel, and then the software would run.

Sony A55 Panoramic

The update went smoothly but once it had finished the Camera would not operate. Removing the battery and then putting it back fixed this and we were operational again.

For more details check out the Photography Blog.

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