Splash ID Crashing on Launch

I use a password manager on my phone and computer, I have a lot of passwords to remember for lots of different systems and as I change many of them every month keeping track of some of the more seldom used ones can be difficult.

My password manager of choice, SplashID stopped working after the last upgrade on the laptop, but still worked fine on the phone.

The other day I finally got round to searching the web for the answer to my problem as it would crash after I entered the password ironically!

A quick search of their support area soon found an answer.

Unfortunately the fix did loose me all the data but as I had the data still on my phone a quick sync remembering to set the phone as source soon had all my data back.

Always good to have more then one copy of your data!

The trick is to find the com.splashdata.splashidmac folder in ~/Library/Containers/ and rename it.  Then relaunch the app and log in.  It then works but has no data.  Set your phone as the source, re-sync and your back in business.  Once you are sure everything is working delete the renamed folder as there will now be a new one with your configuration that works.

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