Spring is on its way

Black Headed Gull - Winter

As I mentioned yesterday, Sunday saw Chris and myself heading out to one of the local parks to practice our wildlife photography.

Chris has already blogged about it here.

As well as being a refresher for me and for Chris to start learning the ins and outs of his new Olympus equipment, it was fascinating to see the difference now in the plumage of many of the birds.

Black Headed Gull - Summer

The sighs of spring are now well and truly here. ¬†On Chris’s website you can see some shots of the herons building up their nests, and here in the top photograph, the typical Black-headed Gull that is often inland now still in its winter colouring.

With spring now less then two weeks a way, many of the gulls were now in their full spring/summer plumage as can be seen in the second shot.



While we were shooting we often get visited by pigeon’s and on our last visit even a brave squirrel, which Chris managed to get some great shots of.

This time we were visiting by an inquisitive Corvid.

crow-2I always find the Corvid family of birds a lovely sight and they all seem so very intelligent.


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