Taking a Good Picture 365

I am sure many of you are aware, many photographers take part in a 365 project.

The idea is you produce and publish a photograph every day.

I had a go last year at a mini version of this. I tried to take a picture a day for a month. This lasted about two weeks before the sameness and lack of originality in my shots made me give up.

Well as the month of September draws to a close I had a look back at the personal photography I had taken for prospective picture of the months.

Much to my surprise I found I had nothing. It’s not like I had not taken lots of photographs, but there were all for clients, portraits, corporate events, etc. Nothing for myself.

So this week a challenge is set. With the five days left to this month, produce five reasonable pictures.

Let’s hope I can come up with something.


Yes a coffee not an award wining photo I think.

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