A Five Day Challenge – Picture of the Day

Well Monday was a bit of a bust, I will not bore you with the results but lets just say they were bad.

Today I went for a lunch time walk around the Brayford Pool in Lincoln.  The sun was shining warm and pleasant, no stunning photographs but nothing to awful.

The wildlife is always an option, and I took a few snaps of the swans.  Shooting from one direction I had to dial in +2/3 of a stop exposure compensation, from the other -2/3 of a stop.  The sun reflecting on the water can be tricky.

The bicycle was a opportunistic shot that I spotted, and the rest were just details and features in the area.  The wall and the flag being the most interesting.

I have kept a couple of shots to myself, I am going to try a few HDR and LAB colour techniques on them tonight and feel one of them may be the picture of the month.  With the bright colours and blue sky I bracketed on a number of shots to use later for HDR.

I’ll try and get out in my lunch breaks for the rest of the week and see what I can come up with.

I do have some portrait sessions this week, but they are all for corporate clients so not eligible for Photo of the Month.  Maybe I should change my own rules!

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