Testing Gear

Nikon D200
Nikon D200

Getting new gear is always inspiring, but if you have a new piece of equipment or you have not shot with a particular piece of equipment for a while, its always worth having a practice shooting session.

I now have a Nikon D800 and also a PhaseOne back for my medium format Hasselblad, so I am keen on getting some meaningful practice before I use them for a real paid shoot.

With that in mind I have booked a studio for this week and have a friendly local model, so I’ll be shooting some nice boudoir lingerie images.

The intention is test the D800 and Hasselblad in a studio situation.  Plans may have to change as I need a new trigger for the Hasselblad, and the new trigger for the Hasselblad has not yet arrived.  I may just have to use my normal wireless trigger that works on my Nikon’s and Leica’s.  It does mean i’ll have to get a few dreamy Leica Summilux shots, oh what a shame 😉

So today I’ll be giving the gear a quick check and charging batteries and checking memory cards.  Two standard lens for the Nikon and two spare batteries just in case.


I’ll also be planning some wildlife test shoots.  So far its just been the Nikon in the garden but later this year I am planning on visiting Hartsholme Park with Chris.  He will have his new Olympus 40-150mm f2.8 PRO by then so its going to be a good testing day.

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