TFCD for November, early December – a Model wanted

Studio Complex Lighting Setup

TF, used to be called TFP now often TFCD.

It means Time For Print or Time For CD.

Basically the photographer and the model both work for free unpaid, each covering their own costs. Both work hard to get some great images that would benefit both their portfolios.

At the end both get copies of the final edited images for their own use.

I don’t often do TFCD but I have some testing I want to do, so in return for an hour of your time modelling for me while I test some equipment and lens, i’ll then shoot you for an hour producing the shots you want, a full studio shoot, two hours in total with the shots then going through professional post production.  A selection of at least twelve shots, sent to you via cd or available by download at a resolution suitable for printing.

See my website for my contact details or reply to this post.

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