that fitness kick

Colds recovered from, we both decided we needed to get fitter, so this month we have hit the gym every week, we also started Pilates (unfortunately theres no Yoga at our gym currently), and Richard has started running three times a week. Only two miles and a very gentle walk/run until he gets back into it.

The 7th July was Barton Upon Humber’s bike night. This was our first ever visit, lots of entertainment, thousands of bikers and all the local pubs had live bands on. We parked up in the grounds of the Catholic Church, and for a Pound we could not only park but they also stored our Crash Helmets, safely in the Church.


It was a fun night, not as many visitors as usual, the forecast of rain but a few people off, but luckily it stayed away. We indulged in some junk food, burgers, hotdogs etc, and once we got home treated ourselves to a cold beer.

Mid month and we took a day off, it was likely that I would have to work all weekend, and we both had plenty of hours owed us, so we took a flexi day and visited Gibraltar Point nature reserve.


The weather was variable, alternating between hot bright sunshine and shoot periods of extremely heavy rain and high winds. Still a fun day out.

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