The AA – the other emergency service

Here in the U.K. We have five main emergency services. Police and Fire Brigade are the main two. Always under pressure and under funded we have the NHS ambulance service, then there is the RNLI a charity that looks after those of us who like to sail and swim off shore, and finally our mountain rescue teams again a charity.

We also have a number of companies that offer roadside assistance when you break down, the AA (Automobile Association) and RAC (Royal Automobile Club) and green flag are the most well known. 

We are members of The AA. I often complain about the yearly fee but the odd time we have needed them it’s been truly worth it. 

Tonight was just such an occasion. The Honda motorcycle has only let us down twice and tonight was the second time when the throttles cable broke, not bad for a seventeen year old motorcycle. 

Caroline was riding the Honda home when it happened. She coasted to the side of the road and pushed the bike a mile to the nearest layby to get it safe. Traffic generally gave her room except for one Sainsbury Petrol Tanker that just missed her by inches. 

The AA where excellence and soon rescued her and got my wife and the Honda home safe. 
Thank You AA you truly are the other emergency services. 

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