The Leica Q – The Real Mini ‘M’?

Leica QWhen the Leica X Vario was announced it was marketed as a Mini M.  With its excelent build quality and image quality, Leica though they had a hit on their hands.  Unfortunately coupled with a slow zoom lens, and the marketing hype, it just could not live up to the expectation.

Today we have a new compact announced, this time the Leica Q.  Think Sony RX1 crossed with the best bits of a Leica X, add a viewfinder and you have the Leica Q.

A very simple fixed lens compact, with the excellent and innovative focusing of the Leica X (Type 113) but with a Leica full frame sensor and finally a EVF.

Leica Q Focusing

One could really call this a mini M.  I have read a couple of reviews and finally we have a Leica where the electronics don’t get in the way or slow down the photographer.

You can check out the reviews at most popular photography sites:


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