The New Mac Pro – Photographers and Video/Film Editors Dream Machine

It has been a long wait but finally Apple released the new Mac Pro today.  Despite what people may tell you this is not a standard PC and no you cannot build one for $1000 despite what some people are claiming.

Macbook Air -top

The high speed standard 265 GB SSD and processor come to more then that and then there is the EEC memory and the twin workstation class video cards.  No this is a workstation and if you spec up a similar class of workstation from Dell or HP you will see that this is a well priced and well spec’ed machine.

Of course you may be asking will I be getting one.  Well when I get round to next upgrading my cameras I will definitely need more horse power in the photography processing department.

So I see my future desktop needs either being met with a high spec MacBook Pro/Air or a maxed out Mac Mini.  We will have to see what updates are planned.  A Mac Mini is a little low spec’ed in the graphics department but processor and memory is a good choice.  A high end MacBook Pro is close to the price of a low end Mac Pro so I will not say never.

Difficult choice, if only Apple would produce a Mac Mini with decent graphics.

RAW FIle with Extensive Editing
RAW FIle with Extensive Editing

Still until then i’ll keep looking at the Mac Pro and dreaming.

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