The Photography Show 2018 at the NEC

The Saturday was The Photography Show at the NEC.  For once I had nothing I wanted, except to try out the Hasselblad and Fuji medium format cameras, more on those in another post.



We caught a few seminars which were interesting and saw a few of the more famous names in photography.  As you can see above Frank Doorhof was also there.

Our first visit was to the Olympus stand so that Chris could get his OM bodies cleaned and serviced free of charge.

After that we were free to explore.

I got the chance to have a play with a few ultra wides for the Leica M, the Robert White stand had the range from 10 MM upwards of Voiglander glass.  If like me you like the odd extreme wide angle but do not shoot enough of that focal length to justify your own brand glass then the Voiglander is definitely the way to go.

Chris did buy a Olympus 300mm but I did not buy anything.

At the end of the day Chris picked up his newly serviced cameras and we headed home.

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