Walk after work

I over did it yesterday at the gym, so today I am nursing a poorly shoulder and sore neck, this meant a trip to work via car and not bike.

Because of that I left work a little earlier then normal and took a walk along the river before going home.

It was a good chance to try out the Nikon 1 in more challenging circumstances.

It has noise, and is not perfect, but for a handheld snapshot, wide open at f2.8 at iso1600, I think its quite a pleasing photo.

People have to remember what this camera is for, its never going to produce high quality noise free photographs, but then again, neither is any small light camera. If you going after high quality and insist on pixel peeping then try a Nikon D3, or get the Tripod out and use a Nikon D3x, Leica M9 etc. Or go large and use a Lecia S2 on a tripod, Hasselblad etc if your after ultimate image quality.

Small cameras are about compromise.

Always use the right tool for the job. Wildlife photography is a good example of this. Heavy professional SLR’s and big Heavy Tripods will get you that killer image.

Obviously you also have to have enough practice and skill to get the shot! Something I do not have when it comes to wildlife, but I keep practicing.

┬ęChris Bennett

The shot above is me on Sunday, all the equipment and no idea! Actually you would be surprised how often wildlife photographers come back with nothing. Sometimes it takes years to get that image in your head captured in camera.

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  1. I have to admit, I really like it. I shot a number in the rapidly disappearing light, all wide open at f/2.8 and all at iso1600, and was very impressed.

    Yes the images have issues but considering the size of the camera, I feel its done a really pleasing job in the very poor light, the best thing was as soon as I had finished, the lens cap went on and it went into my jacket pocket.

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