Weather Protection

Radiator Protection

I would not class the BMW R1200GS as a tourer but it does make a very good one, in fact better then most so called tourers.  I also have not really considered the weather protection it offers.  The standard GS has that large screen and slightly bulbous tank but thats hardly a full fairing.

Today I dropped off the GS at the local BMW dealer for its 18000 mile service and a new rear tire.  In return they have lent me the F800GS, a baby GS if you will, which has  a bikini faring.  The difference in the weather protection on the two bikes was like night and day.

Crossing the Ford

I had felt warm and cosseted on the big GS, but wind and cold soon had be shivering on the ride home on the little GS.

It really has re-enforced for me what a truly great bike the big R1200GS is.  Comfort is right up there with the best, and for someone like me who rides nearly every day no matter what the weather this is important.

If your after a small fun motorcycle give the F800GS a try, its a fun bike but not one for winter!

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