Wedding Photography

With today’s Royal Wedding I thought I would make a quick blog post about Wedding Photography.

I feel that this is one of the more difficult genres of Photography.

Some would disagree, but there are a lot of elements to balance.

Knowing your equipment is important, being able to produce technically good shots is also important, but the key skills are your people skills.

As the wedding photographer you have to balance many things. Directing, shepherding the guests, getting the groups of people together for the key formal shots, doing it quickly but not offending anyone.

It is important that you and the couple know exactly what you are trying to achieve. The meetings before hand allow you to develop a relationship with them and to get it clear beforehand exactly the kind of photographs they want.

Some couples want a very informal, reportage style, others a very traditional style with all the formal group shots. Also consider that the parents may want a different kind of style then the wedding couple, these conflicts may need to be over come, who is paying for your time, the couple or the parents. You may need to shoot two different styles. Providing at the end an album for the parents and one for the couple.

For your traditional wedding I find enlisting and getting on your side, the mother of the bride is key. She can act as your assistant, marshalling the guests, getting them in place for the formal shots. A useful ally to have on your side.

These days, weddings can not only be Dawn to Dusk events, but can now start months in advance. Many brides today want their wedding planning documented. Key events like the Bridal shower and trying on the dresses can be photographed and documented for posterity.

There is also a growing trend in Wedding Boudoir photography. Often a field that many female photographers are getting into. Pretty romantic, and often very erotic shots of the bride in her Wedding lingerie. The resulting pictures are often given to the groom on the wedding night.

I only shoot a few Wedding each year, choosing them carefully, I only work with couples I really get along with, but I work hard to produce exactly the kind of photographs they want.

Some couples will come to you and expect a photographer to work for just £500 or less. Many think £500 is a lot of money for a set of pictures, others know they are hiring a professional skilled artist and craftsman, one that can produce unique beautiful works of art, of their special day and are willing to pay good money to get someone with those skills. Which one are you? Don’t be afraid to turn work down or feel you have lower your price to get every piece of work offered.

Develop a unique style that people want and the work will come to you.

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