a Blackbird came to Visit

After a hard day at work we took to the garden and in the late evening sunlight we did some gardening. As we worked a rather brave blackbird followed us, only a few feet away eating the insects we had brought to the surface.

Rather sweet.

Relaxing now and doing some more testing of the Photosmith App. I am intending to leave the laptop at home on my next photography trip and just use the iPad with this app.

I have also been using an unsupported kludge to give me reverse sync from Lightroom to the iPad. This has allowed me to test it’s handling of large batches of images.

I had an email from the developers yesterday, the first update is going to be bug fixes, people with cameras that produce dng’s are having a lot of issues due to the way iOS deals with dng’s but after that the next updates will address reverse sync and a degree of batch processing of meta data.

Cannot wait, keep up the good work guys!

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