What format for digital Studio and Landscape Photography

For studio work I tend to use my Hasselblad or my Nikon for professional work and sometimes by little Leica M for fun.

For a while now I have been looking at new backs for my Hasselblad but for 50 megapixels you can buy one of the new Fuji or Hasselblad for the same price.  Being a Hasselblad and Leica user already I would prefer to either use Hasselblad or switch to the Leica S, but recently I have been wondering do I need medium format?

Yes there is a certain look you get with the larger sensors and lens but at the NEC Gavin Hoey and a few other Olympus ambassadors showed that whether shooting assignments, wildlife or stunning landscapes, if you get it right in camera micro four thirds can deliver the goods. 

One Inch sensor – Nikon V1

MicroFourThirds – Olympus OM E-10

Leica M8 sample – Boudoir
Cropped sensor Leica M8

35mm Full Frame

Film Scans in LR4
Hasselblad 6 cm x 6 cm

Ebony 45s, Fuji Provia 100, Nikkor 150mm f/5.6, f/36 1/8 second
4 x 5 inches Large format

As you can see, certainly on the web and even at A3 print size there is not much between any of these, and how often do you need to print bigger?

Looking at the images on the web you cannot see much difference. I suspect if you mainly use the web and services like Flicker and do not print above A3, go for the format/camera and budget you prefer and ignore the forums and ‘experts’. 

I’ll post more on the pros and cons of small (35mm and smaller) verses larger (above 35mm) tomorrow. 


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