What mirrorless would I buy today

So I said in my last post that mirrorless is definitely coming, but if I was to buy a mirrorless camera today what would it be.

Well I have actually been shooting mirrorless for a while with the Nikon V1 a very under appreciated camera and my Leica M8 and M10. ¬†On a photography trip to the Scottish islands I shot wildlife with my DSLR’s, landscape with Hasselblad and Ebony medium and large format, but for everyday, I wanted something small light and something I really enjoyed using, so the Leica M8 was always in my hand, taking quick little grab shots like that of the harbour above from on board ship.

The big advantage of mirrorless is size but if your talking full frame then physics gets in the way, you still need big lens, so for a small camera I would buy a Olympus Pen-F, and likely add an Olympus OM-D E-M1 at some point to partner it.

I would also be tempted to replace my current Hasselblad and PhaseOne back with the Hasselblad mirrorless camera.


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