What the Mind sees the Camera cannot

Living in Lincolnshire close to Lincoln, one is blessed by being close to some of the best medieval architecture in Europe if not the world.

Being a member of English Heritage and the National Trust one gets free entry into some of the finest buildings and landscapes this fair land has to offer.

I have on several occasions visited the old Bishop’s Palace in Lincoln, its now mostly a ruin but worth a visit.  A few years ago I took my Digital SLR and a heavy tripod and took some photographs of the oldest part of the buildings.  Being careful I captured the best quality image I could.

Now the image I had in my mind and could half see was of this ruined chamber with beams of light flooding in.

The camera captured none of this, the emotion and majesty was mostly in my mind created from the image the eye captured and was nothing like what the camera captured.

Over the last few few years my skill with Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop has grown and the image I took a couple of years ago, I keep revisiting, re-editing the raw file, trying to capture the image I have in my memory that the camera was unable to capture.

I may be proud and boastful but I feel I am a master of Adobe Lightroom V1 to V3 I knew it as well as anyone and now I am getting that way again with Adobe Lightroom V4 and now V5.  The raw development engine changed a lot and my techniques have had to change too.

With the monster that is Adobe Photoshop I am less skilled but often its only with a good knowledge of layers and curves that one truly masters that product.  I would say that I am now an advanced amateur in Adobe Photoshop at least with, layers and curves, which is a tiny part of the huge product that is Photoshop.

With these new skills I again this weekend went back to the original raw file I took those few years ago and re-edited it from scratch.

With my new skills its now much closer to my original vision and memory.

While not perfect I will share it with you, it looks better as a print but it is certainly approaching what I had in mind that day.

Work in Progress with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop
Work in Progress with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

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