Wildlife and Early Mornings

An early start and I was at the location for just before dawn where I met Chris. Chris being the wildlife photographer while I am more a people and landscape photographer.

We set ourselves up near the lake and waited for the early morning sun to appear.

As far as the weather it started fine but a gentle drizzle soon started.

There was continuous over cast cloud overhead, and good light never appeared, so it was a no go for landscape photography.

As we setup a Heron appeared and settled on its nest on the island in the middle of the lake. More birds gradually appeared but with the heavy cloud cover the sun did little to improve the light levels.

With the cameras set to high ISO (ASA) we practiced our photography but with little hope.

A few Cormorants flew in as did some Canadian Geese, to join the Ducks and Cootes already on the lake.

We spend an hour photographing the wildlife before the rain started to get a little too heavy even for our weather sealed professional lens and bodies so we packed a way and headed for the nearest Starbucks to warm ourselves up with hot coffee.

A shame we did not get any good shots but wildlife photography is difficult and one should always practice when one can. You will never get that award winning shot if you stay home in your nice warm bed. At least thats what I keep telling myself.

If you want to see some better shots check out Chris photos from last week. His shots from this morning are here.

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