A Day at Whisby Nature Reserve

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Monday morning found us at the Lincolnshire Whisby Nature Reserve.

While Caroline concentrated on Macro work, and the multitude of insects and mushrooms that seemed to be around, I concentrated on the birds.

The first lake had mainly black headed gull’s including some engaging in courtship and mating. We also spotted a Coote, Moorhen and a Canadian Goose.

Moving on we slowly walked round the “Coote” footpath, we did not see any Cootes on that lake, but we did spot a Great Crested Grebe sat on the nest, and a very attentive Canadian Goose on patrol, his partner was sat on the nest on the small island.

On the third lake we came to, we hid in the hide watching the action. On the shore was a large crow poking his nose into everyones business. The Coote took exception and chased him off. He then made the mistake flying to close to the Gulls and got dive bombed. We also spotted which we think was a Golden Eye, but I’ll have to check with my Photography Buddy Chris to make sure on Tuesday when we meet up.

All in all, a good day and finished off with a Kangaroo burger and chips in the visitors centre.

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