A familiar Location Re-Visited

There are places we visit every day. Often there are features and scenes that we walk past without a second glance.


Some may seem far from photogenic, often from sheer familiarity.  The Brayford Wharf in Lincoln is a route I walk many times each week.  The buildings and scenes often just walked past without thought.


The area does have some advantages; with it being next to the Brayford Pool there is often wildlife around, if one takes the care and effort to look.  Generally just Black-Headed Gulls but sometimes less common species can be spotted.


As well as the wildlife, over the last dozen years the Wharf area has changed considerably, the old buildings have all gone with the exception of the old library headquarters with its famous hyperbolic paraboloid roof designed by the architect Sam Scorer.  Now its modern buildings and architecture, just lift up your eyes and camera and spot a new view of the area.

Photo Walk
Photo Walk

Over familiarity can hold back your photography, but try and walk a familiar area with fresh eyes, look up, look down; try to find something fresh that you have not photographed before.

A challenge but a worthwhile one and one that can produce good results when you visit a new area and bring back original shots that other photographers have missed.

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