a Family Garden update – November


Well its now November, the vegetable plot is looking pretty bare now, with just a few leeks left, but the cold frames have next years onions in and they are doing very well.

We ordered some wood and some paving slabs last week which have now been delivered.  The wood is to divide up the raised beds, which currently are just one huge large bed.  We did not manage to get it finished this spring before it was time to plant.

Now with so little left in we can finish off and also empty the composter we built and put some fresh mulch on.

At the bottom of the garden we finally managed to pull down the old shed, and over the last couple of weeks we have been digging out tree roots.  Now we have started to lay a ring of paving slabs, on to which we will stand the chicken coop and chicken run which we will be building either this month or next.

We aim to have the coop finished and the young chickens moved in before Christmas; this will enable them to grow up and put on some weight ready to start laying in the spring.

So lots of work to do but things are slowly coming together.

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