A Photographic Recap of 2013 Part 1 – Wildlife

So we are now in 2014 and I thought it was time to review some of the photographs that I took last year.

The first part of the year definitely had wildlife as its focus.  We visited  the Shetland Islands and took a lot of great wildlife photographs.  I am still trying to get the definitive Puffin photograph but these are pretty good I think.

During the year I made a number of visits to a couple of local parks and Whisby Nature Reserve, one of the goals was to practice shots of birds in flight.  This is a tricky area and an area in which the traditional SLR shines, in fact it would be hard to get images with any other camera system, modern mirror less are getting closer but are not there yet.

Its been a good year for wildlife photography helped by visiting great locations such as the Shetland Islands, if your wildlife shots are lacking then try visiting a local zoo or park, book a training course you may be surprised what you can learn and come back with.


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