Happy New Year – What’s Planned

Happy New Year Everyone.


Well its Thursday and everything is back to normal, we are at work but that does not mean I am not thinking about what to plan for the coming year.

One of the photographers I admire is Joe McNally, I love his location portraiture, this year he is giving a seminar in the UK and I already have my place booked and paid for.

I also want to try more outdoor portraiture and art nude work, I have not done much to date but the few times I have tried it I have always come back with fantastic images.

My focus each month is still going to be street photography.  I have a number of images in my head it just needs the right people in the right place, so I’ll keep trying.

Once Spring starts to arrive i’ll also be heading out to local parks and Whisby Nature Reserve with my SLR and long lens to capture more birds in flight.

Last year was a bit light on studio work so i’ll be wanted to get back into the studio and try a few ideas I have come up with.

At home we have major plans with the new house.  Within the house a priority is a wood burning stove to make winter nights more cosy, as well as new doors and windows.  Not a priority for this year but next i’ll be wanted to setup my home studio and home darkroom so I can develop medium and large format film and scan it myself.

Outside we are planning a veg plot, bees and chickens.  So lots to do and exciting times ahead.

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