A Photographic Recap of 2013 Part 3 – Street

Street Photography was a major project for me this year, I tried to visit up the Bailgate area of Lincoln once a month and photograph the people of the area.  I very rarely shot with anything else except my Leica M4 or M8, but occasionally I took the a SLR or my Medium Format Hasselblad.  I also had a few sessions with my little Nikon V1 with a fixed 10mm lens, it worked very well as it focuses fast and can be used with one hand quickly.

I am still in two minds what to do with the V1, I like the results but its short comings drive me mad.  I may keep it until the Ricoh GR drops in place and use that as my compact.  I am also tempted with the Panasonic GX-7 which would make a great replacement, again though I would wait until its replacement is released then try and pick it up cheap.

Street Photography is something that is very challenging, and your choice of camera can have a big affect on how people react to you.  Interestingly I found that people react less to the Leica and the Hasselblad and most to the digital SLR.  The Hasselblad was a real surprise, I think its the fact that I use a waist level finder with it and so as I don’t raise it to my face people don’t know I am taking pictures.

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