A Walk around Brayford Pool

Earlier this month I took a walk round Brayford Pool area and took a few snaps with my Leica M4.  This being a film camera and there still being 2/3rd’s of a roll left I have not yet developed and scanned the film.

One thing I did notice was a Mute Swan had built a nest on one of the paths in the area.   Chris has since taken a lot more photographs of the nest which you can see here.

Mallard Ducks

Since updating my Nikon V1 last week I have been giving it a good test again and this week I took it with the 30-100mm (70-300mm 35mm field of view) lens for a walk round the Brayford Pool area of Lincoln.

Mute SwanI had three main purposes in mind.  The first was to see if I could find the nest again belonging to the Mute Swan who had in mine and Chris’s opinion taken too big a risk nesting so close to a path.  I was pleased to see it was still there, though a pigeon was taking a bit of a risk; he kept approaching the nest and stealing bits of material for I presume his own nest.

The second reason as previously mentioned was to give the Nikon Series One V1 a good test following the firmware update.

Lastly I wanted to do some workflow testing.  I was interested in ‘In The Field Triage’ and how Lightroom Mobile would fit into this.

I had previously tested the import options of Lightroom mobile and it does not have RAW support so you either have to use a real RAW developer like PhotoRAW on the iPad or use an application like PhotoSmith to get your pictures onto the iPad, then you can start work then sync over to Lightroom.  Once its back in Lightroom then Lightroom Mobile can do its stuff.


I’ll blog more about how I got on and used Lightroom Mobile and PhotoSmith and PhotoRaw in another post.


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