and the Cold Marches on

We are in November now, and this morning I finally resorted to full thermals and silk liners in my gloves for my morning commute on the motorcycle.

A week ago I visited Hartshome park to try and get my Autumn leaves photographs, it was also bitterly cold.  It was a good job I managed to get out when I did as over this last week the trees have now lost most of their leaves.

With the change in the weather and the leaves being lost, its been quite a bleak view on my morning commute as I look towards Lincoln Cathedral.  This morning though was very different.  The trees whilst bare were shrouded in a gentle mist with the low sun casting a warm glow over the Lincoln West Common.

I may have a go at capturing it next weekend, or if its as cold as last week at Hartsholme Park, I may just chicken out and spend the day in the studio, like I did yesterday.

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