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OS X - Ten Years Old

Yesterday Apple surprised a few people with an unexpected announcement. The announcement of OS X 10.8 or Mountain Lion as it will be known. With lots of iCloud integration, iMessage which would be fun and useful (downloading it now to test).

There was also an unofficial leak of iOS5.1, its expected that this will be released with the iPad 3. Looks like another busy year for Apple.

While many of the new features announced in OS X 10.8 are added polish and tweaks, one of the features that could help project users from malware is Gatekeeper. This feature is also worrying many users.

Basically if your an Apple developer you can get a signature with which you sign your applications. By default Mountain Lion will only install applications that have been signed (you can over-ride this). If a developer is found guilty of publishing malware then the signature can be revoked disabling the software out there.

A useful feature to help project new and inexperienced users; or and example of Apple being big brother and controlling what you can do with your own computer?

It really depends on where they go with this. As its proposed it sounds like a good idea. New and inexperienced users are protected by default and advanced users can turn this default behaviour off.

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