February’s Visit to Hartsholme – Bird Photography

This weekend I made one of my occasional visits to Hartsholme Park.

The weather indicated that Sunday would be best, so on a bright but cold Sunday morning I headed off with my big Gizo tripod and an SLR with my longest/fastest lens.  In this case a Nikon D200 and a 70-200mm f/2.8 with a TC14 teleconverter attached.  This gave me a reach of up to 420mm.

Wildlife and Sports are two of the hardest photographic skills to master.  Subjects often far away and fast moving.  Its less how good your camera is but more how familiar you are with your subject and your camera.

I tend to customise my camera somewhat.  I turn off the focus activation from the shutter button and have it set to the AF button of the back.  I also reduce the number of active focus sensors available to the camera so that it will not get to confused and can concentrate its resources to a few key sensors.

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