Auto Bracketing

HDR - Standing Stones of Lewis

Whether you are shooting unrealistic HDR landscapes like above, or just wanting to give your Landscapes a bit of a glow like below, auto bracketing is your friend.

Hartsholme Lake - SLR - HDRIn very tricky lighting conditions auto bracketing can be a great benefit especially when things are changing fast.

The problem we have with most cameras and something that Chris Bennett has complained about as well as myself is that auto bracketing on most cameras does not go far enough.

Todays modern cameras have a lot of dynamic range, together with modern RAW processors we can easily save a shot thats over or under exposed by a stop, but the majority of cameras only give us a maximum of 1 stop over or under, which means instead of shooting a three stop bracket we have to shoot five or more.

So I was very pleased to read recently from another landscape photographer that the new Nikon D810 now has auto bracketing up to 2 stops different per shot.

So come on camera manufactures lets get 2 stops or more.  Personally I would like to see 1/3, 1/2, 1, 2, 3 as options for bracketing.


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