Backing up your Lightroom Catalogue to the Cloud


I was reading Terry White’s Tech blog and his five tips for Lightroom users; one of his tips which was new to me, was keeping your Adobe Lightroom Catalogue in your Dropbox folder (or linked to Creative Cloud – or any of the other Internet storage solutions).

The idea of keeping my Lightroom catalogue in my Dropbox is a little scary to me, but I have been keeping a copy of my Lightroom catalogue, when I remember to update it.  Then I thought how about automating the copy to my dropbox folder.

Windows now has great tools like robocopy for intelligent syncing, copying and mirroring. For us Apple Mac users its even easier as with the OS being UNIX we have a whole toolbox of tools we can use.

I decided to use the tool rsync to mirror my Lightroom settings and catalogue to my Dropbox but then how should I automate it.  Well the easiest way is by using Automator.


First I selected a Run Shell Script action, and added my Rsync lines.  I then added another action to display a notification.


That way I get a notification when the copy has completed and the Dropbox sync starts.  I set the script to run on login so periodically I now get a backup automatically to the internet.

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