Backup, Backup and Backup

Some people think I have a rather ridiculous Photography backup routine.

When out on site if away for more then a day I back up to the iPad, then backup to the computer when back to the office/home.  Files then get backed up to time machine (very useful if you have a Mac), then eventually moved off to an external hard disk, and also backed up to a Drobo and to a disk that is kept off site.

No matter what there should always be three copies of my files.

Well I don’t know how but last night I managed to delete my 2012 photograph directory off my main external hard drive while doing some extensive testing of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom V4.

Tonight to my horror, I discovered the fact.  I had also been efficient and deleted the early 2012 photographs of my Laptop to make some room and emptied the trash.

I had a copy off site and on the Drobo, but I still had that moment of panic!  I decided to not revert to the Drobo but try and recover the photographs from my Time Machine Backup.

Time Machine is an automatic backup program included with all Macs. Using this I was quickly able to recover all photographs except two shoots,  these had to be recovered from the Drobo.

So I can say my backup routine works, but I must remember to keep to my strict routine.  One of my backups did not have all the photographs on it, but luckily my routine ensures I always have more then one backup.

Remember; Backup, Backup and Backup.

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