Testing Post Processing in Lightroom 4

I am a big fan of getting things right in camera, but I used to love experimenting in the darkroom.

Today we all have a darkroom at our finger tips with products like Gimp (Free), Adobe Elements, Apple’s iPhoto, Adobe Lightroom and lets not forget the big one, Photoshop.

Since the Beta was released I have been going over some of my old photographs and reprocessing them, trying to get my head round the new tools that Lightroom V4 brings to us.

I have used Lightroom since the early beta of V1, and have used it longer then I have Photoshop.  Every image I process goes through Lightroom but only a few go into Photoshop.

The above shots I reprocessed in LR4 and I took them in a different direction to how they were originally processed in LR3.

They may not be killer images but with each one I have learnt a lot.

Some of the film shots were very difficult images, with several of them I used a too contrasty film on a day that already had a lot of contrast.

For the portrait of Ashleigh; this was a simple shot with a small softbox to my left. I deliberately underexposed the natural light to make the full sun shining through the window look like late evening sunlight. Normally after minor exposure tweaks, adjusting the colour balance, and some sharpening, I would take this straight into Photoshop for the major editing. This image I did everything in Lightroom V4, and its produced a very pleasing and natural portrait.

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