Being Fashionable

I recently read the new iPad Magazine Light It, there was some interesting techniques and generally it showed techniques that are currently in fashion.

Single Light

Today I looked at a very old lighting techniques book.  I bought it many years ago, and it was written in 1940s.  Some of the rim lighting techniques and back lighting techniques that it goes through are actually now back in fashion.

We may have moved from taking portraits and fashion shots on large format film cameras, to medium format, then 35mm SLR, to now our modern medium format and SLR digital format cameras but the actual techniques have not really changed.

I have to admit, if money was no option I would love something like the Leica S2 for Studio use.







I would also love a large format camera.  I have used one in the past and it really slows you down and makes you think.

If you want one try

What ever you use, Large Format, 35mm, film or digital, enjoy yourself.  Now off to shoot some fun snapshots with my camera phone!




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