Biking Weather – Whats your favourite

The English, and I could possibly say the British in general have a fascination with weather.  Compared to many countries the weather in and around the British Isles is generally benign, but it is certainly variable and difficult to forecast.

As someone who rides motorcycles and where possible flies planes, I have a somewhat more then a passing interest in the weather.  It also has a great impact on photography.  The best shots are always when bad weather is slowly changing to good.

As an all year round motorcyclist, weather is generally not something that stops me from riding a bike.  Surprisingly hot summer is not my favourite biking season but the autumn is.  The weather is a little cooler and not too hot, and you and your machine have really become one, having had the past six months to ride in the ever improving weather.

My least favourite weather for riding, is snow/ice, fog and wind.  Today we have had the pleasure of ex-Hurricane Katia.  Luckily the wind has been strong but steady.  Sudden gusts are the worse.

If you see a biker taking it steady in strong wind, please give him plenty of room, you never know when a sudden gust could take him either into the hard shoulder or into the other lane.

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