Black & White in Photoshop CC

Stone Wheel


This week Adobe released Photoshop CC.  I have not really put it to the test but I did use it yesterday to edit this image in conjunction with Lightroom V5.  The initial edit was done in Lightroom V5, basically a preset I have created for Colour Leica M8 Landscape images.  I then took the image into Photoshop CC and tried some of the updated sharpening tools. It was then taken back into Lightroom for the convert to Back & White, a little dodging and burning a some added Clarity and a tint preset I have.

Pleasing and quick to produce.  Worth the subscription to Creative Cloud, well possibly not but I’ll have another test with the original file this week using just Lightroom and maybe some Nik Software Silver Efx Pro.

Producing effective and pleasing images is the key but it also has to be cost effective.

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