Bling for the Leica M

Having put myself on the reserve list for a new Leica, I have been having fun looking at the bling and toys available.

From smart leather camera bags ranging from £20 to £2000, to soft release buttons, there is quite a range of products available.

As digital M’s have no film winding lever, a digital M is slightly harder to hold in safe grip, a number of companies have been offering metal grips that you fit into the hot shoe of a digital M.

Now Leica themselves have gotten into the action and released their own version dedicated to the M10 and matching the materials the camera is made of.

The other option that I like the look of is the new leather half case, this has a detachable back to allow access to the LCD screen, but now with the dedicated ISO dial on top, once the camera is setup there is no need to go into the menus at all so the case also can be used with the back in place making the camera look like a traditional film M, just the thing to stop that chimping.

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