Too Sharp?

A couple of weeks a go I was shooting a few new models (new to me), to see if they would suit a future project I am working on.

Many photographers are obsessed with camera gear, and continuously upgrade their cameras and lens, wanting higher ISO performance, more resolution and more sharpness.

To be honest we have reached the point now where sometimes you want less.  Many of the older lens with more character work better.  Many lens and cameras today are very high performing and the camera is showing up the lens or the lens the camera.

In the case of model photography every pore and imperfection is now highlighted.

The above shot is from a 36 MP camera, more then enough resolution and the result when zoomed in is simple stunning.  Its now the case for many of my shots I use a little softening and negative clarity (Adobe Camera RAW setting) to tone down the results of the lens and then add a little sharpness back selectively to the eyes, hair and dress.

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