BMWMI_master_outdoor_1920x1080px_3Its service time for the BMW this week so I get to ride a loaner, this time a BMW F800R. It’s a fun naked sporty number that can be easily rode or you can get your head down and push on.

Being a naked bike it’s more a sunny day ride and the riding position does put a lot more weight on your arms then I am used to with the GS.

A fun bike but not one I would choose for a long term bike. I like my creature comforts as I ride every day.

Jumping back on the GS a few days later made the big GS seem absolutely huge.  At 40,000 miles now the 1200cc boxer engine is nicely run in and with the major service, new tires and brake pads it certainly feels like a new bike.

I’ll be taking it easy over the next few days while I scrub in the tires, and also bed in the brakes but then, well; Summer is coming!

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