You might have spotted that I recently tweeted about my new C-Stands.

A number of you have asked “What is a C Stand”.

Well as I discovered, a light weight light stand is sometimes no good.  An outdoor photo shoot a few months ago with the lovely Ashleigh nearly turned to disaster.  I had a flash and brolly on a light weight light stand when a sudden gust of wind took the whole lot, and I had to chase it down.

Well my lovely wife has promised me, that see will make me some very useful sandbags, but I felt I needed heavy duty stands.  The C Stand with boom arms is an incredibly versatile stand.  Heavy, sturdy, with the boom arm capable of holding a hair light above the model and support a background.

While difficult to get to the destination, once there the heavy stand is essential for out door flash use.  Outdoor flash is a favourite of mine, off camera, either as fill in or as the main light, using the sun as fill, it gives great results.

Even if you only have a standard hot shoe flash.  Give off camera flash in daylight a go.  Its well worth the effort.

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