Camera Choices Part 3 – which SLR

camera choices part 1

Back in Part 1 of this series of articles I mentioned that I would be revisiting SLR’s and here I will.

Many people consider the SLR to be King, it’s what people think of when you mention Priofesional Photography. But except for a few areas the SLR is in fact a Jack of all Trades but master of None.

Actually that’s a little unfair, there are two areas in which the SLR is hard to beat.

  • Wildlife & Macro
  • News Photography & Sport

It’s these two areas that continue to drive SLR design.

I am a Nikon user, so when it comes to SLR’s its the current professional Models I will look at.

Top of the tree is the D4. This is focused on performance, and while it does not have the Mega Pixel count of many other cameras, its speed of focus, reaction, and high ISO performance is unparalleled.

This camera can shoot at 11 frames a second in very low light situations. For photographers who have to get the shot, this camera will do its best to get you that shot.

But for some just getting the shot is not enough. What they want is the highest resolution that modern 35mm DSLR can produce. Every subtle of a feather on a bird wants to be resolved to its maximum. So for these Nikon produce two models the D800 and D800E. I have gone on enough about the advantages and disadvantages of the anti-alaising filter, the model D800E lacks this blur -adding filter for the ultimate in resolution but with the risk of Moire.

Lastly in the professional range of Nikon bodies, there is the D300s. This is not a full frame body but is a cropped body, giving a tighter angel of view the a full frame D4. Many treat this as a poor mans sport and wildlife camera. Good reach and fast, but it is getting old now.

  • D4
  • D800(E)
  • D300s

For my work of weddings, studio etc then the D800 seems to be the option, but for my wildlife then a D4 or D300s may be a better option.

So what would be my choice, well just before the D4 was released I would have been tempted by the D3, the D4 while an improvement I don’t like the loss of the second CF card slot, so now I would choose the D800, but it would have to wait. The D800 is 36 Mega Pixels, think new computer and backup drives before reaching for the wallet to buy the camera.

I have missed out a lot of other cameras, what about the D600, slightly lower Mega Pixels then the D800, you could get away with your current computer, but the auto focus system is not up to the standard of the D800 or D4, its been slightly crippled. Unfortunately as you work down a camera manufactures models they become more and more compromised.

I would rather concentrate on getting the shot then fighting the camera, its the top models that allow you to easier to do this.

So yes, when funds allow it will be a D800E unless a secondhand D3s appears at a bargain price.

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