February is here and a fresh start to the Year

Gull coming to LandAfter the Sunday at Boutham Park shooting wildlife, I have spent the last week in bed with a rather bad chest infection.  Not only did the boss send me home on the Monday but even the Doctor sent me to Hospital to get checked out further.

So most of last weeks Blog entries were all pre-written posts as I have spent the time asleep in bed.

This Monday I am now starting to feel better and i’ll be heading back to work on Tuesday now that I can face staring at a computer screen without my head exploding.

I am going to be thinking hard about what I am going to photography this year.  With this I’ll be considering my lens and where I have gaps in my current selection.

I have two trips planned so far, both landscape and wildlife focussed.  The first is a trip to the Forrest of Dean, the second which we will be planning over the next few weeks is a trip to the Shetland Islands.

For the Landscape I have the gear and equipment I need but will lookout for mild large format telephoto, possibly 200-300mm range.  For the SLR, I am going to keep my eye out for something a little longer then my 70-200mm f/2.8 and possibly add another teleconverter.

So here as I finishing writing this with one last coughing fit over the keyboard, i’ll also add one more lens into the mix, possibly a Leica 90mm.


Lens to consider this year.

Large format:

210mm or 300mm f/5.6

Digital SLR:

300mm f/2.8 or f/4

200mm /f2

Range Finder:

50mm f/2

90mm f/2

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