Camera Testing Fuji X Series

In my continuing search for the perfect small camera, I spent some of Friday looking at a Fuji X10. This is a greatly little zoom compact with an optical finder, not suitable for everyone but a nice camera.

Now obviously with its small sensor it’s not on my list, but the Fuji X-Pro1 is. The reviews of its image quality are showing it to be a real contender. The lens also release with it are top notch.

Once again like the new Nikon D800E and the Leica M9 it’s missing the anti aliasing filter so it shoots a far higher resolution image then it’s mega pixel count would indicate.

The X-Pro1 and the very good X100 was not available but the little X10 was and they share many interface characteristics.

I love the direct controls and optical viewfinder, if I was in the market for a compact it would definitely be in my top three. Now I use my Nikon V1 as my compact camera.

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