CES 2016

D5The Nikon D5 was expected this year but I was surprised to see it announced at CES and not a more photo focused show.

Nikon DX users of the D200/D300 range will be pleased to see the D500. The D200 turned things round for Nikon and they followed it with the stunning. D3, D700 and D300. While we have see replacements for the D3 and full frame D700 the D300 had no replacement till now and Nikon were loosing customers to the Canon 7D.

Another pleasing announcement was the Phase One XF 100MP a True 100MP Medium Format Camera For just $48,990 ;).

Medium format was being caught by cameras such as the Nikon D800 and latest Canon 5D. When you saw high megapixel figures quoted it was usually via pixel shifting rather then genuine megapixels.

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