Colour Space and the recent Macs

screen-shot-2016-10-30-at-15-35-49As I begin to digest the impact of the Apple Macs I thought I would write a quick piece on colour gamut.

On my work desk where I edit my photographs I currently have an expensive NEC Adobe RGB Wide Gamut Reference monitor.

The recent Mac iMac desktops, the new LG monitors that Apple collaborated with in the design, and now the new MacBook Pros all have the P3 standard colour gamut instead of the traditional sRGB.

So what does this mean for photographers?

Well the P3 gamut like the Adobe RGB is a wide gamut, there both about the same but with the Adobe giving slightly more in the green and blue and the P3 offering more red and orange.  You still need to profile your screen but now when buying a Mac that offers P3 you no longer have to find £1000 for an additional monitor for colour critical work that makes the Macs some of the cheapest computers a photographer could buy.

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