IPad as a laptop replacement

iPadProJust this title will get some peoples blood boiling, the answer is no of course not – but its the wrong question, what is it you want to do?

I am currently typing this on the iPad Pro 9.7 with its Apple keyboard (Apple look at Logitech there’s is better).   I have done a number of blog posts on my iPad during this year, sometimes I only got so far and had to wait till I got home to fire up my desktop to access a picture from my master Adobe Lightroom catalogue (not the iPad’s fault).

Another time I had the image in my camera roll on the iPad but it was too large to load onto the website and I could not find a way on the iPad to resize it.

As the last seven months have past, I have continued to alternate between my old eight year old laptop and the iPad, each time as features progress and improve I have been able to do more and more.  Recently I managed a complete blog post just using Adobe Lightroom Mobile and the Web front end, it helped that the images I needed were in my sync’ed images but if they had not been reaching for the laptop would not have helped.

Lightroom Mobile is fairly usable it’s missing keywords and presets but is getting there.  Its a bit of a cheat but I sometimes use remote control tools to remote my Mac and use Lightroom and Photoshop with the Apple Pencil, its nice to work in the living room and be social and not be locked away working in my office.  Interestingly this works better then trying to remote my desktop Mac from my laptop.


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